Monday 27 August 2012

Mount Roy

"So how do you fancy that then?" Hubster said pointing yonder.

In my reverie, I fancied that he was showing me some cosy coffee shop down the road. However, in reality I knew he was pointing at the highest peak of the mountain in the picture below.

Mount Roy.

The Summit of Mount Roy

Eyeing up the snow capped summit, I winced and squirmed and gave him my biggest pleading, puppy dog eyes.

He ignored all of my overt body language and set about cajoling me instead. I knew my protestations were futile. I resigned myself.

The initial ascent was tough, sharp, steep zig zagging tracks left our calves burning and stinging and 20 minutes in the only thought in my head was, Why?  Lactic acid seeped into my muscles and felt like hell, even though I knew it would pass.

The first 1.5 hours of the climb were an assault, we had to stop frequently, not so much to catch our breath but to release the stiffness in our calves which were as tight as cat gut on an acoustic guitar.

It gave me some hope that Hubster was suffering as much as me.

Only when I stopped and looked back at the gift of the view did I rationalise why I was doing this.

The town of Wanaka barely visible in the distance

Houses just mere dots and the road has below has long disappeared.
As we passed herds of cows high up on the slopes, I was encouraged. If a half ton heffer can heave it's body up here then I certainly can.

It wasn't long though before we left the cows behind.

2 hours in and the track is not as steep but long, long arduous and relentless traverses across the face of the mountain.

The summit looked no closer.

"This is a slog" Hubster declared much to my relief. Thank God it's not just me.

Pretty high up now!
There always comes a point in a climb like this, when you both fall silent.

Digging deep.

Dogged determination.

With wobbly legs crossing the narrow ridge at the end required total concentration.

We are now higher than many other peaks around us. That felt good.

"Nearly there babe" he said with his eye on the prize.

I managed a nod but my heart now was just as hungry and I felt a surge of energy to get the job done.

We made it. I cried at the view.

Well I always knew Hubster would make it.

I wasn't so sure I would, but he was.

"Never doubted it babe" and gave me that smile and wink that captured my heart some 20 years ago.

I did a quick scan looking for Gandalf, this is where they filmed Lord of the Rings after all but he clearly had no time for another numpty tourist.

The climb down was no easier, thank god I remembered to cut my toe nails short. I would have lost a few for sure.

Post climb, exertion clear. Don't worry, it's not lack of oxgen, the lips are "sunblock" blue!
Sod the coffee now, a warm fire and vino aplenty, a spent body but a heart full.

We then read the guide book.

I dared not do so beforehand.

"Category: Hard" I concur.

"Time: 4.5 hours to summit, 7 hours total"

What? We only did the whole bloody lot in 4.5 hours!

Got to start having more self belief. There's plenty of life in us yet.

What's next?

Mount Kinabalu, the highest in Malaysia. 43 days and counting till the challenge and we need to but will step up a gear.


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