Thursday, 30 August 2012

Moss Lichen!




New Zealand.

The only place in the world where glaciers and rain forest exist side by side.

How is that possible? Fascinating isn't it?

Dad, of all the 5,000 varieties of moss and lichen you told me about, I reckon many of them thrive prolifically and abundantly here.

Only in the most healthy of environments can lichen and moss survive. They are doing more than that here. This is a flourishing and joyful display of life in it's purest and most unspoilt.

Here, we embraced tree ferns 20ft tall, vibrant carpets of moss lining the forest floor, tree trunks adorning green, velvet jackets and lichen creating fabulous works of art wherever it found a canvas.

Here, we felt humbled and very blessed indeed.


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