Monday, 9 July 2012

The Radders turns 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday little man.

You are the first dog we have ever had from a puppy.

When you came to us, we didn't realise how very poorly you were and we nearly lost you. After just 2 weeks with us, you had truly stolen our hearts and the prospect of losing you was unbearable. You wanted to be with us just as much as we needed and wanted you to be, we all fought together and against the odds you pulled through. An unbreakable bond was made.

We have seen you grow into your long legs, your big wonky ears and your clumsy puppy paws.

We have known what it's like to need a drawer full of spare shoe laces.

We soon learnt that books, phones and remote controls if carelessly left lying around, made excellent puppy toys although the Christian Louboutins were unforgivable!

We shared your wide eyed joy at your first snow and the sand under your feet on your debut trip to the seaside.

We also bore your anxiety and more when you had to go into quarantine and delight once again when we could bring you home.

Little do you know but our world revolves around yours pretty much and hope it does for many, many years to come. You make us smile every day, we just simply couldn't love you more, you being you makes a very happy US.

Together we are family, together we are the T-J's.

P.S  Happy Birthday today too to my lovely Mum-in-Law, a little older than Radders but just as young at heart.

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