Thursday, 12 July 2012

A kick up the bum!

"Life is like a coin, you can choose to spend it any way you like, but you only get to spend it once"

It's just what I needed. Even if the terse delivery of "that's pathetic" made me blush and hide behind my hair.

Liz, one of Hubster's colleagues from the UK came over. The three of us went out for dinner. Five minutes in and the tour de force of "Liz" was evident.

A young girl growing up in the 60's and a pretty hedonistic time of it in the 70's, 80's and beyond. I don't know for sure but I gathered it to be the case.

Liz tells it how it is, 60, a single, independent, extremely well read and travelled woman of the world. She clearly does not suffer fools and on the surface is the kind of lady that scares the hell out of me. However, I believe and in fact my own life experience tells me, that beneath there will be an extremely caring person and given more time I would love her to pieces and she would realise I am not the blonde bimbo she initially encountered. (same old story for me!)

She directed her steely gaze at me.

"So what exactly have you seen and done in Melbourne, what are you doing to fill your days?"

Well you lot know that it mainly consists of dog beach, food shopping, the odd coffee and being a house sheila - so far.

You know that feeling when you shrink and become smaller and smaller and in my case a little squeakier of voice.

Boom. Liz delivered her verdict.

So from now on I do something new every week. Even if it was a trip to the pictures, seeking out a new market. I have a willing recruit to my cause and ally in my lovely friend Anthea so we are stepping out together.

Liz, we thank you.

Nspresso Pod Art! (ya wished you'd thought of it yeah?)

Liz you wanted me to do Art Gallery's. This is "Coffee Shop Art". Just choose your pod and good to go!

Girls need to talk. I will progress..........


  1. makes me think of this,

    watch and enjoy, Im sure you know it anyhow.

    beautiful blessings to you Debbie


  2. I look forward to hearing of your weekly new adventures Deb!