Saturday, 14 July 2012

La Vie en Rose

14th July, Bastille Day, a huge celebration for La France.

However, L'esprit de la Revolution came to Melbourne too.

20 years ago, Port Philip had a very large French community.

Port Philip is also home to the fabulous South Melbourne Market, my new discovery.

The French owner of the seafood eatery, Renan Goksin, has decided to bring the festivities back. Renan, is quite a character and definitely a local celebrity.

As we are complete seafood whores these days, we headed on down there for a pescetarian feast and a bit of Edith Piaf on the accordion.

A fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We think it's wonderful that you can shop for your fruit and veggies and in the same space go and enjoy food of such high quallity as this!

Sharing little plates of delectables, tapas style is one of our most favourite ways to eat. We call them our "linky lonky lunches", a bit of this and a bit of that, a "nice tasty nibble", says the Hubster and always with a wink!

Claypots Evening Star you are not just an evening star but a bloody good lunch time one too.

Enjoying the vibe at The Evening Star

Mussels with Ginger and Tamarind

Tiger Prawn in a rich garlic butter

Swimmer Crab in a Thai Broth

Clams (vognole) in a Sherry Beurre Blanc


Time for a bit of Alfie Boe and Les Mis now I reckon.

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