Sunday, 29 July 2012

Johanna I love you!

When you go to a place on this earth and the weather is cold and squally and yet you still feel you have been to paradise......................then that is paradise surely?

Our prize was initially the 12 Apostles

Our real prize was this. Johanna Beach. Our view.... actually our beach as it turned out!

From high on the ridge as we look back at the Great Ocean

Blessed with a rainbow

What the "/$%^K" are they Momma?

What the "$%?*&" are you, 4 legged furry thingamimbob?
We are still asking?

Papa, Mama and little bob!

Here come the heavy mob! 7ft tall, the fence has no purpose whatsoever! They keep the sheep contained but not the "boys"
At a time of personal sadness, this is an image I will carry forever as a joyful time in my life. Thank you for the health and circumstance, for the opportunity that I have to be here in this moment, on this day, to take this photo and to appreciate ALL that it is and symbolises.


  1. Oh wow! Stunning photos! I can't even imagine how I would react if I came across a group of kangaroos, and I certainly don't know how my dog would react!
    Just saw you over on ExpatWomen and thought I'd pop over and say hi... Hi!

  2. Johanna beach is where my father's ashes lie. He loved its squally wildness too. I'm glad you felt some solace and joy there at such a sad time.

    1. Thank you. That is a comfort. I had recently lost my mum. It is such a beautiful place, shhhh lets keep it quite? :-)