Saturday, 2 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

I am old enough to remember the Silver Jubilee celebrations back in 1977. Yes I really am ancient!

Even though some of the detail may now be hazy, the excitement and the wave of communal happiness, on a national level, is unforgettable. It was like a joyful injection and no-one was immune whether you were young or old, everyone was swept up on the tide.

On the day of our street party, being able to stay up "very" late with adult consent was a particular highlight.

Chez T-J we will do our best from Down Under. A bit of Land of Hope & Glory may permeate the walls. Perhaps we will have some Coronation Chicken too and indulge in a drop of "her maj's" favourite tipple - Dubonnet. The latter is unlikely however.

Congratulations Mam (as in ham) on 60 incredible years. I am proud and bursting with patriotism this day. Give me the pageantry, the pomp and the circumstance in shovel fulls please. As for flags and bunting, more is definitely more!

The photogenic lurcher  who is, admittedly looking reluctantly patriotic, is called Sam.

Sam owns the eminent, Miss Pickering, a true champion of British florists. If you think I am elaborating, just take a look at her work and her wit here . You see?

Sorry I failed to mention, Sam also has his own blog just because he can.

Great Britain, in my absence, whatever you do to celebrate, just make sure you do! Play your part in British history and be proud.

...........and will you share it with me?

..... and will someone send me the souvenir edition of the Daily Mail please.


  1. Happy Jubilee weekend! It's all red, white and blue here. It's Liz the one loves the friend blog, apologies I did not introduce myself before! I am going to see Miss P and Sam today for some Jubilee flowers, can't wait to see her window. I am more than happy to send you The Souvenir Edition of the Mail just need your details. Not sure how that works, can you respond so the whole wide world don't get your details Have a good one! Liz x P.S I will give Sam a big hug for you and radders xx

    1. Hi Liz, give that lurcher boy some cuddles and tripe sticks from me for sure and as for Miss P, I miss wine and nibbles and Zumba! Thank you for stopping by, makes a little petal down under feel a likkle bit loved. xxx miss P has my address xxx