Thursday, 31 May 2012

Looking Good

.......introducing Anthea

Well my hubby had no hope of having his shirts ironed today. Not on a day like this.

The bay is like a millpond, there isn't a cloud in the azure sky. The beachfront pads with their ocean views and infinity pools look even more bling today.

Days like this are what I hoped for and dreamt of during those difficult last few months of goodbyes.

The reality is better. Not often you can say that.

The boy is beside himself joyfully playing chase with his doggie pals and my heart is light and thankful.

No there will be no ironing today.

But there will be coffee and there will be friendship at the lovely North Point Cafe.

So all in all, as the boat in the bay rightly proclaims, life is "looking good".


  1. It looks wonderful Debbie. Radders looks as though he's well and truly over the difficult start to his new life and it seems you have made friends and settled in quickly as well.
    As you say 'Looking Good'! xxx

  2. I am sure you will have many such beautiful days & friendships to come! xx

  3. Barby Jenkins08 June, 2012 14:15

    So glad that you are making good friends - both doggie and human - you go girl xxx