Wednesday 16 May 2012

Blue Beauties!

Yesterday was a tad calamitous on the Golden Mile. Radders was ambushed by a pesky Husky on the dog beach and sustained a flesh wound requiring the vet and the subsequent parting of many $$$$$!

"I've been coming down here 10 years never seen a dog bitten yet!" he said

Great. Just two weeks of daily romps and yup, what can I say? Typical Radders, just typical.

We had a more sedate walk today along the shore in the bay. Lovely clumps of fresh bay mussels are currently being washed up and it is so tempting to take them. Is it allowed?

They have a beautiful blue sheen and at 9am I wondered if it was too early to put them on the breakfast menu.

Yes ok, I'll  put them on the dinner menu instead.

So far Australia has not disappointed but exceeded our expectations with it's seafood. Me and the Hubster are fish and seafood crazy, its a joy!

If there are mussels or Moreton Bay Bugs on the menu, we struggle to steer our eyes away to look at anything else. The bugs aren't really bugs, a cross between lobster and crayfish I'd say.

The Australian Blue Mussels, freshly harvested from the clear waters of the Victorian coast are some of the plumpest and sweetest we have ever tasted.

Washed, beards removed and ready to go.

Prepare the sauce by simmering the following ingredients on a low heat for 20 mins.

A generous bottle of Italian passata (tomato sauce)
lashings of finely diced garlic & onions
a grand kick of chili (birdseye for us)
bundles of fresh coriander
a good glug of white wine
a few hearty turns of the pepper mill

Pour sauce over mussels and combine well in a "Moules pot" or large saucepan with lid on.

Cook on the hob until the shells have opened about 5-7 minutes depending on size.

Discard those that haven't, the disobedient ones!

Serve with liberal amounts of fresh coriander, a squirt of lime from your very own lime tree is best and a basket full of bread to mop up. Whatever takes your fancy.

Bon appetit.

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