Wednesday 23 May 2012

If this is Winter

I am getting confused by the "Winter" season here.

I met my dog walking friend Rachel today. She had a woolie hat on, a hoodie and was wrapped up for the Arctic.

"It's freezing" she greeted me.

Huh? No the sky is blue, the sun is bright, yes it's breezy and its 18 degrees. A perfectly beautiful day.

If this is Winter, then I am one happy bunny but I think the Summer that the Aussies love so much and are so well adapted to is going to be a challenge for me.

Rachel's payback time will come!

This afternoon the draw of this beautiful day called me back out again. The ironing can wait, so can that very frustrating call to Telstra (BT equivalent). I hit the bay once more.

I have a heavy heart, permit me to use some Aussie frankness. I am here, my mum is back home, she is gravely ill.

The only thing for it was a 2.5 hour walk on a beautiful Winter's day, a clear head is needed.

You only get one. Regardless.

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