Monday 28 May 2012

Between the acts

Today all the electricity has been turned off. You could hear a pin drop in the house, not even the sound of a boiling kettle, the rumble of the TV I never actually watch or the incessant hum of the freezer.

I thought it would be an inconvenience I cant get anything done!

But no, everything stands still and my mind and my heart are talking loudly to each other.

This is what they want me to hear.

There are intervals in life. The show just can't run non-stop. In between acts, the curtain must drop. Circumstances take a hand breaking the pattern of the old routine. Like family illnesses and upheavals which call a halt to proceedings and there is nothing you can do but wait.

But whilst you are waiting you learn the grace of faith and of strength and it's great gentleness. Your life is being changed, your problems are being reviewed, the intervals have to happen, so best just to accept them.

I am not going through these testing times between the acts, I am coming through them and therein lies the difference.

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