Tuesday, 7 February 2012

What is your secret?

"Well what is your secret?" she inquired

"I really would never have known that about you, you just dont exude that stuff"

Well its no big secret at all, truly. For me it is a choice, a conscious one and actually very, very simple to practice, that is once you have decided you want to.

However hurt you're feeling, no matter how much you have been hurt, - hide the secret scar because time really does bring it's healing. Just see things for what they are.

I try to be forgiving, - loving more, not less. Life after all is for living and for packing in happiness.

Thats it, my secret, simple really, although I do have to remind myself of my own mantra because life is testing.

A word of caution, just because some people make it look easy, doesnt mean it is! No-one has it easy.

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