Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Untitled, just is!

The best time to make friends is well before you need them, so they say, so I suppose that means, all of the time really. I have always tried to open the door to friendship, some doors I have quickly closed again, some doors eventually and some never............ever.

A true friendship cant be broken, weakened or strained but it can be tested. Life is a test tho isnt it? I am not sure what the final qualification is or when we know we have achieved it. All I know is one thing and one thing I strive for in this life above all else is, to love and be loved. To know truly what both of those things mean and know I lived my life that way is the essence for me. I know this is important, my Dad told me so.

The last few weeks have been quite tough on a personal level, no need to elaborate further, as its all a bit tedious and of course relative, whats tough for me would not be tough for many of you, or indeed many in plight all over the world.

Funny how you learn who come forth to turn the difficult pages with you and those that retreat into the shadows....for whatever reason. Its all purposeful.

I still marvel at this journey, no experience is wasted. None.

My love is home tomorrow.

Think of what one heart is capable of, then be amazed at what two together can achieve.

I am ready for the adventure baby.

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