Wednesday 21 September 2011

Division of Labour is vital

It is very important on such a holiday to clearly define tasks and responsibilities up front.

I cant emphasise this enough.

Oh yes, believe me it removes masses of potential for sulks and petty bickering and in the 40 plus degree heat of the desert that factor alone often needs no other contributors.

As experienced campers we have a bit of a head start on this strategy but the challenges of Africa are a whole different ball game.

So lets start, let me introduce the 3 key players in this trip. Yes, thats right 3.

Lilly" XA10 ALM Landrover Defender Extraordinaire
Fully equipped with everything we need to be self sufficient on the road;
including linen napkins darlings!
1. Super Model - Has many admirers on our trip
2. A true workhorse on some tough Namibian terrain, she excels..
3. Home, shelter, sustenance and beer cellar!

Transforming "Lilly" into the perfect "des res"

Gareth "the Hubster" Tamblyn-Jones
Safari Tip No. 1 acc. to GTJ
"Before you set off, whack a few colds ones in the fridge for when you
arrive in camp, you'll be glad you did"
1. Expedition Leader with Stripes (unreservedly known as E.L)
2. Driver (every day, all the way! Wow)
3. Head, Sous & Commis Chef combined
4. The voice of common sense with a good measure of braun thrown in.
5. Provider of cuddles and encouragement on those tougher days, 100%

Debbie "Mrs T-J" Tamblyn-Jones

Safari Tips No.1 - Mrs T-J
"Wet wipes are indispensable and you cant have enough"

1. Chief Navigator - dont laugh!
2, Chief Photographer
3. Committed" Travel Writer - undisputed
4. Domestic Camp Assembler (including that bloody table)
5.Willing "doer" of whatever the E.L instructed, ie the stuff he didnt want to do
6. E.L's personal massage therapist. Some people just cant leave their work behind

And when you have your division of labour it works well, see!

Happy Man at the wheel

Busy in the "largest" kitchen in the world

Thirsty work, a quick slurp "Floyd" stylee

La resultat and it aint bully beef and bean!

Find shade will write, dedicated to my written memories



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