Monday 15 August 2011

Paws for thought with Radders

Woof Woof!

Big doggy wags one and all, its me "The Radish". Thought it was high time I got my paws on here and raised the standard again.

So whats happening Chez T-J then? Well there is much chatter from the Momma and the Poppa about taking me "camping" this weekend. I have no idea what this is but I am remaining most upbeat by the prospects of a good time. I reached this conclusion purely on the basis that Poppa mentioned he'd be getting sausages for the trip and Momma said she would be getting me a football!

Alleluiah, she has finally got the message, YES I WOULD LOVE A FOOTBALL!!!. Momma took me up to the Rutland Water dog walk on Saturday and I seized the opportunity to make my feelings known. I turned up the bounding enthusiasm to the max everytime I saw kiddies enjoying a kick about. Ok yeah, I probably over did it but Carpe Diem and all that!

Ball games and sausages? Well on that basis I'd say this "camping" has potential.

I love my walks up at Rutland Water, I go most days with my muckers, Dyl Bob and Dusty-D and we meet loads of mates, plenty of chummy bum sniffs, tail wags and chasing around.

But ..... oh she does make me smile though bless her.... that Momma she says

"Radders, Rutland Water, its just like being at the seaside isnt it?"

What is she on about "like the seaside"?

I mean I am only 1yr old but even I can see that it IS the seaside, just look at it, boats, beach, water! Obviously the seaside!

The Momma even said that on Wednesday we would be stopping for ice-cream too so I tell you what more proof do we need to establish that we are at Rutland Water Seaside?

I have learnt that she clearly isnt the sharpest knife in the box but my Momma is a top chuck wagon and gives me the bestest kisses and cuddles.

...............and she is getting me a football and I am pretty happy about that!

Love The Radders (aka "Long Tong!" - no idea why?)



  1. Radish, you are training them so, so well. Not long now and you will have them truly licked into shape.

    P.S You are looking very handsome xxxx

  2. Long Tongue!!!! Thats what Gaz used to call Scoob!! xx