Friday 20 May 2011

Quirky and eclectic are sexy

Quirky is sexy, like a gap in your two front teeth, a scar or a discreet tatoo. I like quirky. I like all manner of things and people that are "in left field" and "outre".

Eclectic is also sexy in my world, multifarious, diverse and varied.

Yes Quirky and Eclectic, to me, are like two slices of bread containing a delicious filling of individual flare and imagination.

The Missing Curtain

My petit sejourn to Stamford had both quirky and eclectic in abundance and I loved it.

It has been a while since I  frequented Miss Pickering at her floral emporium, so good is she at delivering her vintage, floral artistry straight to my door, that I had become a tad lazy.

I  pitched up to see the hound  too with serrano ham. Serrano ham, pourquoi? 

The boy wonder has his own oil painting above his 4 poster, so why the hell Serrano not?

What do you expect to see in a florist shop? Flowers of course!  But what about this?

Great, so now you are getting the vibe arent you? However, should you be wondering, Miss Pickering is a florist of some distinction.

Some people are just so clever, you can only hope to live and love a little in their light.

I asked the Hubtster am I quirky? And what about eclectic? 

He replied "Quirky 70% yes. Can I replace eclectic for random though because that's more appropriate and would make up the remaining 30%".

Hubster said "you posted some eye candy last night Wifey?" 

Yes I did, Tom Hardy, Paul McGann and Paul Bonhomme. Smoke on!!!

My turn  then he exclaims!

Blondie! Perfect choice.
Quirky character, eclectic music, she is perfect for this post.

"oh Danooby do I'm in love with you"

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