Thursday, 19 May 2011

When he's good he's......................

When he's good, he's very good and when he's know how it goes.

Woo, puppy has slam dunked into adolescence quicker that Usain Bolt doing the 100m.

Wait till your Father gets home! Oh yes me and the "wrecking ball, butter wouldnt melt in my mouth would it momma?" puppy, have had a few exchanges today.

I was warned. Thank Dyl Bob. Thanks puppy trainer. Thanks Dmama. Thanks everyone who has raised a pup.

 You talkin about me Momma?

All his training seems fruitless, selective hearing, selective flippin everything,. What? Eh? Say again? What did you say?

 He has forgotten how to sit, stay and give a paw etc..................

Funny really how he produces a response of bionic proportions when has a vetted interest. Then, miraculously,  he remembers the whole damn lot.

Enter the puppy trainer and he is the perfect pupil, why are you putting the Momma through the humiliation Radders? - I feel like I am a rubbish Momma, dont make me look like a rubbish Momma!

Aww sorry, I,  well, when was this morning? Last year? I cant even remember this morning really Momma. Sorry I love you and our sofa.

Love you too, but now its Momma time.


 Blurry Yum

More blurry yum

Momma you are married, what are you doing?

Wait for it Radders!!!

Yummiest forever,  nothing blurry about it.
However,  you are still not off the hook puppy.

Wait till your Father gets home!

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