Wednesday 6 April 2011

Dog walks and Village Life

Living in a village is a bit like being wrapped in a cocoon, sometimes that can feel stifling and you need your space. However,in many ways it is companionship and support, feeling safe and most of all a sense of belonging.

The girls have sorted themselves out for regular dog walks with our hounds.
It's lovely, exercise, laughter, dog behavioural habit comparisons and plenty of just general twaddle. A cocophony of vocal character, we have quirky, quirkier, feisty, chatty and gentle. Those are the name of the pack girlies - in my eyes.
We all commune, leaving our stresses and challenges of our daily lives behind and for an hour a day, we are all in the moment. Totally. And that is the most beautiful gift our dogs can teach us!
So thank you Devon, Bobster, Snuffy, Radish,Sparky, Monty and Bella. We are learning an awful lot from you and thank you for getting us all off our sofas!

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