Friday 8 April 2011

Most appreciated little man

Dear Radders

This is your big bruv and sofa buddy here. Just wanted to say how appreciative my old bones are that you have left me alone today to sunbathe, snooze, snore, sigh and slobber without any pestering at all. Why is that?

Shall I just appreciate it for as long as it lasts and not waste the few brain cells I have thinking about it? Feel free to answer if you like, but by the time you do I will no doubt have forgotten the question.

With chummy bum sniffs, tolerance and senility, Sparkster

Yo Big Bruv

I know I keep putting my paws in it as far as you are concerned. You see its my hormones, whizzing around, they scream at me "chew his ears, chew his ears, grab his tail, gnaw his leg". My head is going no, no, leave the old boy alone! Its a mental battle, being a puppy is so stressful!

But I am all heart really and you are my hero, my mentor and my hot water bottle. Bottom line is I adore every one of your old bones and its such a beautiful day, I thought come on Radders, dig deep, show some decorum and let the old boy enjoy the warmth on his fur.

with heartfelt appreciation of your advancing years, your Radders

P.S Damn it I cannot lie, thats a load of bunkum, I have to confess, I did my shoulder in yesterday acting ridiculous in the fields and I just dont have it in me today. Sorry bruv!

P.P.S Is this pic contrite enough Bruv? xx
P.P.P.S Its not all bunkum, you are my hero, mentor and hotwater bottle in that order

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  1. I am very pleased you have "fessed" up Radish, or else Mummy would have outed you, little scamp! Sparks make the most of it old fella, he'll be back xxx