Sunday, 21 September 2014

Love you Melbourne!

We love Melbourne.

Bayside or City, it is all so accessible and a wonderful way of life.

How blessed we are and we do know it. We have been afforded this incredible opportunity in life not to just live here in the most "liveable city in the world" (voted for the 4th year running) but to experience this awe inspiring country full stop.

These are just some pics taken from our day today, from one of our regular "linky lonky" Sundays, where we meander around taking in the views and feeling ..... wow this is where we live, isn't it remarkable?

How bloody lucky.

Whatever the future holds, Melbourne is etched on our hearts, Big time.

Nothing more to say but we just love Melbourne. Nothing not to love! If you have not been here then put it on the list people.

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