Friday 15 March 2013

Philip Island Revisited

This mid week trip was not quite as we planned.

The plan was to hire two cottages side by side. One for us and one for Mum and Dad and go and do the touristy things like the Penguin Parade which the island is famous for.

Without Mum and Dad though we didn't see the point of doing all that stuff again and we nearly cancelled the trip altogether.

However, Hubster has had a very hectic work schedule of late and we decided the break would do us both the world of good.

It did not stop us however exclaiming at every turn that "oooh mum and dad would have loved this, that and the other!" It still felt a little sad they were not there.

The cottage was lovely, all things catered for and a sweet little court yard garden to boot.

The day we arrived it was a blistering 38 degrees but then the cool change came in over night and we enjoyed more moderate mid 20's.

Perfect for walking - lots of it too.

Barely saw another soul. Just as we like it.

Instead we enjoyed the company of mutton birds, shearwaters, wallabies and oh yes a red bellied black snake. (never get complacent, this is Australia)

We climbed high along the cliff tops and tramped low through the forests, wetlands and mangroves.

We covered some kilometres and with each step perspective returned and recent worries were put behind us to float away on the wind.


At the end of the day, with muscles tired enough to know we had used them, we sipped a glass together, mused, chuckled and chilled and made the very most of our time together.

Because that's what we do.


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