Thursday, 3 January 2013

A rollercoaster year.

We always knew it would be as Ronan says, we just had to ride it.

The move to the other side of the world and setting up home in itself would ensure 2012 would be far from dull.

However, it had far more in store than that.

There were a 1000 never-ending good byes.

A home to find.

A dog to get through quarantine.

A Mother who became gravely ill and sadly we lost.

A cousin we tragically lost too, much too young.

A family upset, most unnecessary.

A Father with a very special birthday.

A tropical storm while lost at sea.

A tricky situation in a crocodile infested river.

A beach to visit every day with the "boy".

A mountain we never climbed.

A gastronomic seafood fest was savoured.

2 weddings, 2 funerals and a new life born.

In fact a whole new world to discover and a life to build.

We were particularly proactive with the latter.

There was adjusting to life living together as husband and wife, "properly" once more.


New friends to make.

Also lovely.... but also so many we missed.

There were many firsts and some life long dreams ticked off our wish list... like swimming with whale sharks, orangutans in the wild and the green turtle laying her clutch.

There were many new places discovered too.

What will 2013 hold, we wonder?

One thing is for sure, family and friends will become reunited.

Will it be less eventful?

No of course not, this is the T-J's we're talking about here.

Here are a few times to look back on, in no particular order, just as memories should be!

Much love to all who have followed my blog down under, I hope you forgive my self indulgence and stay with me in 2013.




  1. Fabulous very evocative images, what a maelstrom indeed, may 2013 bring you a less eventful, yet exciting year xxxx

  2. Of course I will stay following ur blogs it keeps ime upto date with what u are doing and how life is treating th family T-Js much love x x xI