Sunday, 30 September 2012

Typical Sunday Afternoon

We are all creatures of habit to a certain extent.

Some habits though, once discovered, are hard to break.

Ours is all about a cycle ride along the front and a seafood lunch, many already know this is our drill.

Its such a lovely thing to do, people watching, beautiful views, exercise and the reward of a chilled glass and some delicious seafood guaranteed.

St Kilda is a great place. Really bohemian, quirky, funky, accepting, chilled and wired all at the same time. A really buzzy place where eccentrics can feel just like Darby and Joan and anything goes.


We love it. Fantastic cake shops, the oldest in Victoria and we love how all the old recipes are still adhered to.

My Papa in law is going to be in 7th heaven when he comes out here.

Even I, who scoffs at cakes and such sweet things, was seduced by a cherry crumble cake! I know you can't believe it, there will be photographic evidence.

We had to go back to Renan Goksin's Claypots, 5th time round.

Well done on stocking the Yering Farm Chardonnay from the Yarra, sublime and buttery, my absolute number one!

As for the food?  I am going to use one of Renan's phrases "Gorgasm!"

It's a bit bonkers inside and outside but I love that.

I love the rustic chalk board menu, hurriedly written and not in the bestest handwriting. "this is what we've got today, take yer pick"

I love how everything is on display like a fishmongers, what you see is what you get, with a few bells on!


Whole grilled Calamari. OMG!!!

Steamed King fish with Lime & Ginger and a pepper caponata. Nom!

Sambal Skate Wing.
(No its not burnt, just the most delicious hot and sweet sambal crust enveloping succulent white fish below)


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