Monday, 13 August 2012


"Mama Silvania!"

Everyday we stand on the precipice, facing a future we may have planned but in no way can be certain of.

The only thing we can be certain of is the past. So it's amazing we get up everyday not feeling absolutely petrified. Thank goodness we don't.

But it really is a precipice that we look into.

Wise decisions are needed, empathy and a good dose of luck to get through each day.

Last Thursday I was given a huge chunk of luck.

After the accident, I took the car into the garage. They took the keys off me, told me I wouldn't be driving it home, it's a death trap and not roadworthy.

My car has one of the highest safety records on the road. Had it been smaller or older they told me, we may well be having a very different conversation.

I only have whiplash. I get to stand on the precipice once more, blessed and thankful.

After a tough week, there was only one thing for it, a cycle ride to St Kilda to our very favourite place, Pizza e Birra.

A wonderful welcome.

A bottle of rose.


Seafood linguine en papillote (nicking that way of serving it!)

.... and a hug and a shared Limoncello with Silvania, the chef proprietor and we are good to go.

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