Thursday 10 May 2012

Lets just have "Now"

As he trots by my side I am certain that "Angels" walk this world of ours and I am certain they are in a furry form.

These angels care nothing for status, high or low or any worldly rank we humans might attain.

They feed on our love, shares the warmth of our mutual bond, comfort unconditionally and bring heartfelt joy by just being them and they ask so little of us in return.

When God created them he wasn't sure what name to give them but given the gifts they bestow on us, he simply decided to spell his own name backwards and call them Dog.

My dog is all of the above and more, I am sure your dog is for you too.

Furry angels, who try and teach us every single day that being in the moment is the only place to be.

......or on the sofa of course Momma!
Thank you Radders for helping me so much during this huge cultural transition.

Thank you for attracting peoples attention like you do, just because you are you, so that they stop and I am able to talk to someone.

Thank you for playing so beautifully with your doggie friends on the beach so that their owners stop and compliment me on your obedience which helps to boost my confidence.

Thank you today, you knew I was a little flat didn't you?

Off you trotted to the cupboard, you picked up your ball, dropped it by my feet and nudged it towards me with your nose. I know what you were saying

"Momma, don't worry about yesterday or fear whats in store tomorrow, lets go and play ball and just have Now!"

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