Tuesday 17 April 2012

A Magical Wine Flight - Part Two

At the Chateau, perched on the end of every bed is a floppy, fluffy toy cat. He is called Privacy Cat and he does just as his name suggests, pop him outside your door and peace and tranquility is yours.

He did a good job, we didn't stir till 9.30am. Now had it been a cuddly dog, Hubster remarked that it is highly unlikely he would have been left outside the door at all! What do you reckon?

After a huge and indulgent breakfast we left Chateau Yering.

Other guest left too, in quite some style!

Another day in the wine region beckoned but with a boot full already and the car clinking like a  milk float, we decided to discover some other delights of the Yarra.

We came across a wonderful Farmers Market. Thank goodness we were still so replete from breakfast otherwise I am sure we would have gone even crazier than we did.

I was particularly thrilled with the Rhubarb!

After a delicious cappuccino back at the Yarra Valley Dairy, we headed out to a place called Healesville or more importantly Healesville Animal Sanctuary.

Kangaroos, Wallaby's, Dingo's, Wombats, Platypus, Possums just to name a few of the beautiful indigineous Australian animals we saw that day.

The Tasmanian Devils are so inappropriately named. Far from being devils they are the cutest and now, sadly the most endangered of all animals in the southern hemisphere due to an awful disease causing facial tumours, for which there is no cure.
Tana the Dingo

Tasmanian Devil's enjoying strokes and cuddles from their keeper
The highlight for us both however was this little chap.

Let me introduce you to Benny!

He was every inch as cute and adorable as he looks!
Benny is 3 years old, a fully grown Koala and has just become the proud Father to a 3 year old little bundle. We were so lucky to be at the right place at the right time to enjoy a magic moment with him.

Boy talk!
The keeper would not allow us to touch Benny which required huge restraint on my part. Every ounce of you wants to give him a cuddle because he is clearly very gentle and very affectionate.

Benny must have sensed this and just before the photo below was snapped, he leaned right over and licked my arm several times. It brought tears to my eyes, it was truly magical to experience an exchange like that with him.

I couldnt touch Benny, but no-one said Benny couldnt touch me! An unforgettable moment.
All too soon it was time to leave, the lights of the big city and home were calling.

After a late afternoon platter of local cheeses, marinated baby figs, glaced qumcuats and toffee apple chutney, we turned our sights to home...................

.....................with one mission in mind.

To get back to Brighton, our new home town, just in time to catch the sunset on the marina.

accompanied by a final flourish of Melbourne Bay oysters and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, (from the Yarra of course!)

What a magical Wine Flight, what a ride we had!

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