Monday 23 April 2012


It's what the Aussies call Brisbane. We board an early Saturday morning flight to see friends. Friends we thought we wouldnt see for a very long time after they left our village 2.5 years ago.

Little did we know then that we would be the next ones to follow!

The approach to landing is something else, the high rises of the CBD (Central Business District, we call City Centre) looms imperiously over the surrounding suburbs.

Much smaller than Melbourne, almost cute in comparison, but still impressive.

The morning mist is yet to burn off.

We fly in over the coast, flanked by beautiful beach side properties, with boardwalks and private moorings interspersed with salt marshes teeming with bird life and saltwater crocodiles too for sure!

Simon is there to meet us and 2.5 years disappear in an instant, when you haven't see friends for such a long time there is nothing more lovely than that first big hug,

"We cant believe you are here!"

Simon, Shari, Hubster and I enjoyed a fantastic day at Eagle Farm Races. I had a little chuckle because the racecourse is in an area of Brisbane called Ascot!

It was a scorcher and the loan of the bush hat was a welcome one and as it turned out, a permanent one too!

Shari and I barely noticed a horse as we were far too busy gassing! It came down to the last race before we realised we should perhaps place a bet.

"$10 on the nose Ginga Dude please"

Good old Ginga, came in a good'un. I was 40 bucks up.

 "well that will pay for a celebratory bottle!"

...except Simon really had no clue at all when it came to the screw top!

Which instigated no end of banter from Hubster, the screw top originated in Oz and after 2.5 years as a fully integrated ex-pat, Simon failed dismally.

The ministry of silly grins sponsored by Mr Sauvignon-Blanc!

Simon and Shari live in the Ferny Hills district of Brisbane. The flora and fauna is akin to tropical rainforest and the early morning chorus was certainly LOUD. No need for alarm clocks here.

Cookabooras that sound like monkeys, parakeets, cockatoos and bush turkeys are all in fine voice. A lie in is practically impossible.

The view from the porch, a dense tangle of trees and foliage bursting with life!

We decided to go up to Mount Coot-tha for breakfast. A wonderful mountain top look out with fabulous panoramic views of the city and a damned fine restaurant to boot.

Just the tonic after a mirthful evening and a few sherberts.

I enjoyed a fresh pineapple and mint frappe with a delicious BLT + Avocado on toasted sourdough, the others opted for the big Coot-tha Brekkie which was impressive, however mine came with chips too! Needless to say, the boys and their bottomless pits helped a treat.

All too soon, it was time to board our 2 hour flight back to Melbourne. What a whirlwind of  a weekend, a concentrated, fully loaded injection of friends and fun and we cant wait to play host in ...............Melboring!

(it's the name the Brissies call Melbourne, I look forward to proving them emphatically wrong!) xxx

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