Sunday 29 April 2012

Bring him home!

Hey Mr Alfie Boe it is with great pleasure that we can finally "heed your prayer", for today, this day 29th April 2012, we will bring him home!

Now I know what some of you might think about our Radder's homecoming party.

But what can I say? Our four legged boy is as important a part of our family as any two legged member could be.

Of course we know he wont understand the banners, the balloons etc, he's a dog! But that's irrelevant because we do, we understand it, we get it!

He will appreciate however, being reunited with us as we are with him. So today Family T-J will celebrate with banners, balloons and bubbly and some delicious for doggie's only cake.

Has my attempt at justifying being utterly "bonkers" worked?

We were early for the 9.30am pick-up so we went for coffee with cinnamon & raisin toast and this was playing, it couldn't have been more appropriate and the tears came! Great band take a listen.

Goodbye Australian Quarantine Station. The pictures tell a thousand words.

A bouncy final release from Pen 34!

All roads lead home!

Open Sesame Poppa!
Ready, steady go!
Coming straight at ya, ready or not!
The Radders PR Shot
Ok enough posing just let me get at the Cake!
The taste test gets a big thumbs up

Fish n Chips, bubbles and a comfy blanket
Momma loving her babe and not quite believing he's home
Never a wrong time to "kill" the wragga toy
Radders is quick to customise the water feature!

We are home, reunited and joyful, the 3 musketeers once more, now let the busy business of our new life in Oz truly begin!

Happy first anniversary your Royal Highness's K & W, I hope you know just how extra special your day has been xxx


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