Thursday 26 April 2012

How many gentle flowers grow an English Country Garden!

Yes you know the tune!  Yes you do, take a listen here.

Sorry. Now it will be whirling in your head all day. Rolf Harris too, even more sorry.

Now where is this going?

Well, here's the thing.

We have noticed that people have been taking pictures of our house. Sometimes, even in groups.

How odd we thought, its a  lovely house we can't disagree. It's not a showstopping, must-take-a-piccy kind of house though not compared to some on our street.

No its all about this plaque.

Percy Grainger (1882-1961), the composer of Country Gardens, was born in our house.

Quite a handsome chap in a way, a tad Hugh Grant "foppish", I do like a man with a prominent nose.

He lived most of his adult life however in New York and is much more famous in the States than he is here.

The groups of people taking pictures are largely Americans on the "Percy Grainger Tour".

I really hope Percy doesn't mind but no matter what, whenever I hear his tune, I just want to sing

"Pull down your pants and suffocate the an English Country Garden!"

Sorry Percy. Yes, very childish, very childish indeed.

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