Thursday 3 May 2012

The wonder of.....

Woolies. Are you old enough, like me, to remember that advert?

I eventually found it, in Woolworths in St Kilda.

Ribena Light that is. I am such a "beena" girl. I cant believe I paid $15 for 2 bottles that's an eye watering £9.55.

We paid $23 for 2 x Fish n Chips (£14.65), I know I can hear your gasps from here. They were amazing however but.....

Oh its so expensive here, there comes a point when you just have to turn a blind eye otherwise you wouldn't buy a thing.

Fuel is cheaper than home, so are manicures. That's about it I'd say.

Notice I said Woolworths, you thought they had disappeared forever didn't you?

Not so, the wonder of Woolies is alive and well Down Under, disguised as a big supermarket chain, the biggest in Oz so I believe. The signage is green though not red. Odd.

There is another one called Coles (not as good in my opinion), Dawn French is all over the telly promoting their loyalty card, its shameful, she is embarrassing. Dawn has it really come to this? Their signage is red.

At the check out in Woolies I said, "Sorry just rooting for my purse".

Rooting does not translate as looking for something or supporting someone here. It's meaning is much more carnal than that, I will leave that one with you to decipher.


I enjoyed "welcome" drinks with our neighbours last night. It is a new development here so there are a few newbie residents. It was lovely and the bubbles and conversation were a welcome tonic.

The lady who hosted it, (fabulous flair for interior design and a bargain, my kind of gal!), was no other than the General Manager of Woolies Australia.

How about that then?

The weather has turned, it's raining - hard. Thought we would keep Blighty company. We were the only ones on the dog beach  - it figures, we are brave. The Aussies think I am crazy, they have told me so.

"You're going good going down there this morning" he said

I think that translates as "you'd be mad to".

We do, whatever the weather, we don't care!

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  1. hope the 'beena' lasts a good few weeks at that price!!