Friday, 6 January 2012

Believe there is another dimension

Cast your mind back, its 5th September 2010, Coco Palm Bodhu Hithi, the Maldives the day after I heard the news my Father had passed away

My Father had always wanted to try scuba diving, in fact he had booked a holiday in Egypt to do just that in the February but sadly that was one trip he was never going to make.

Keen to keep busy, Gareth and I went out for an early morning snorkel, a good time to do it before the sun becomes too fierce.

Within minutes of reaching the edge of the reef before dropping away to the deep blue, I was aware of a large and beautiful fish, resplendent in vibrant electric blue and gold stripes. It swam very close to me, and nose to nose we looked at each other. Gareth looked on the encounter.

Emperor Angel Fish, Just like the one that stalked me!

It had the sweetest face and it's mouth looked like it was permanently puckered for a kiss. This very fish continued to follow me closely for 40 minutes, I was amazed as was Gareth, as I have never experienced this before ever but I was very happy to have him with me!

Just for fun, I tried to shake him off by striking out with my flippers at full pelt but every time I thought I had lost him I would look left, then right and there he was again. Unbelievable.

It didnt want to follow Gareth. It was clearly following me.

Now shoals of fish are know to follow you when you are in scuba gear because they adore playing in the bubbles from your regulator and that is such a wonderful interaction to experience. But I wasnt in scuba gear, I was just snorkelling.

Shoals of fish love to play in a diver's bubbles from his regulator
Once back in the villa, I produced my book "Fish of the Maldives" and identified my stalker as an Emperor Angel Fish.

That afternoon we did go scuba diving and as we headed out on the boat with the dive master, I told him about my encounter with the Emperor Angel Fish.

"Oh no I dont think that would have been an Emperor" he said "You must have that wrong, they are very shy"

"Well this one was far from shy he followed me for 40 minutes"

The Dive Master laughed and said "Erm I dont think so!"

Gareth also supported my story and I described the fish to him.

"Well I am not saying your story isnt true but what I am saying is that it couldnt have been an Emperor" he insisted a tad irritated. ( well who am I to question his authority and knowledge)

We left it at that. But we both know it was and I felt that if this fish really was so shy by nature then surely I had been given a very special gift.

Now let me remind you of the date of this encounter. The day after my Father's death.

Then that night at dinner I had a EUREKA moment!!!

"Gareth, Gareth"  I gulped "That fish was either my Dad or a message from my Dad!"

"How much wine have you had Debbie?"

"No listen, I have just remembered Emperor in Tarot means Father. Today my Father was with me "The Father Angel". He never got to dive with the tropical fish as he so wanted to do so he was with me there and he is happy at peace, all is ok"

Call it coincidence, call it what you like but I know what I believe and remember what the Dive Master said, these fish are shy, well my Dad never was!

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  1. That must have been such an incredibly special moment for you - both in terms of diving with nature and, mostly, feeling so close to your father. I'm so pleased for you!