Saturday 1 October 2011

It just used to be all about me!

Dear Momma

Radders here. Remember me?

I feel compelled to put pen to paper and formally lodge an official complaint about current events Chez T-J. You see I am a little worried, this blog, pretty much, used to be all about me.

However, since you came back from that country that has birds as tall as me and bizarre looking four legged creatures with weird horns, well its just not been the same.

I reckon he's talking about me!

.... no no we disagree, he is talking about us
.... he's definitely talking about me, at least he didnt call me ugly, everyone else does
I know I am not a little puppy anymore but a bumbling, long legged teenager whos enthusiasm runs away with me but surely I havent lost my star quality?

Anyway, you and Poppa have been acting really strange this past week, lots of talk of Kangaroos, BBQ's and a country where everything is upside down. Also its most perturbing Momma to see you smiling one minute and blubbing the next, are you ill?

I am no Sherlock but strange things are afoot around here and I really would like an explanation.

Yours with extra loving doggy tail wags

Radders xxxx


My darling boy Radders

If only you knew just how much it IS all about you. Especially right now, it couldnt be more about you. But I will elaborate on that later something far more important we have to get straight here.

You will always be Momma's number one, Momma's puppy even when you are old and grey and Momma is old and grey with you.

Although I lament the days when I could do this with you, be rest assured young chap
you own a great, big, fat space in Momma's heart.
Momma and Poppa were fascinated to see all those wonderful creatures in that other country.We just dont have them here and you must admit they are very interesting. Dont you remember your wonder and fascination when you saw your first cat? What about the time you were enchanted by the house spider walking across the rug and a little frightened when you saw your first horse?

Its a big wide world full of endless amazing things to experence.

Which brings me on to the talk of Kangaroos and why it really IS ALL ABOUT YOU Radders.

There is a country a very very long way a way, it does have Kangaroos but I dont really think everything is upside down. Well, in a little while we are all going to live there for a time.

You little man, are the most labour intensive and difficult to get there (and expensive!!) but we wouldnt even consider going without you, not for a nano second. You are just too important to Momma and Poppa's happiness.

We have to get busy Radders:

1. Microchip - check
2. Rabies injection - check
3. 2nd Rabies injection
4. Blood tests
5. Import Permit Application
6. Pet passport
7. Innoculations, kennel cough, tape worm etc...
8. Government approved Veterinarian inspections
9. Internal & External parasite treatment
10. Copies of all lab reports
11. Completion of Vet certificate A and Vet Certificate B
12. Quarantine booking
13. Making adequate travel arrangements
14. Pre- export inspections

Thats why I ask? Do you want to be our "Dog Down-under?"

Momma upside down or not, I just want to be where you are

Your devoted Momma xxx


  1. Now then me old mucker, being upside down here is no good for your sykes gang cred ! Get real man and save that for down under.
    Bob x

  2. Hey Radders

    Feel sorry for you matey with all those medicine and checks you're going to endure, but I'm happy for you too, what an adventure of a life time and It looks like your momma and poppa really cherish you dearly.

    We have never met but I feel I know you already from what your Aunty has told me. My owner went away on holiday cruising the med. Your aunty and her boyfriend Tony looked after me for two weeks and I had an amazing time. I was a bit of a poorly girl when I arrived at Floss Cottage and could only walk a short distance before i got out of breath. They gave me my own room with comfy bed, soft lighting, a radio and a beautiful garden to walk in. Food was top notch and drinks very interesting as it didn't taste like tap water to me so I reckon they slipped some of those medicines into it. By the end of my first week I was able to walk to the park and back. By the time I got to the end of my second week I had walked to the park, through to the other end and further still until we reached the canal and back without getting out of breath.
    I lost weight and felt like a new woman.

    My owner came back and my goodness I missed him but he wondered what the hell had hit him as now I demand longer walks, top notch food and a bit of zingy water. So Radders the moral of this story is. It IS all about us fur babies, or in my case fur granny's as I'm 16. We always aim to please no matter how happy or sad we are or how well and poorly we feel. You enjoy every moment of your incredible journey as i will always treasure the love and care your aunty and Tony showed me when I stayed at Floss Cottage.
    I wish you all the best Matey and do me a favor, when you get there send me a post card and keep in touch. Maybe we can become paw palls.
    With best wishes to you Radders.

    Dolly x