Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Heaven is a place on Earth!

Woof woof!

Hello everyone, its the Radders here after my camping extravaganza!

Well what can I say, it was a triumph, it is the only way to live in my humble opinion.

I dont understand why the Momma and the Poppa bother living in a big brick kennel filled with knick knackS and accoutrements.

There wasnt a candle holder or a glass vase in sight and yet they seemed perfectly at ease without them, the momma was well chilled out.

Fresh air, beautiful countryside filled with a million delightful scents at every paw-step, long walks, stick throwing, sausages (!!!!) and the "piece de la resistance"................

Sleeping with the Momma and the Poppa on the most comfortable bed in the world in the cosiest canvas kennel.

"Belinda was "right "Heaven is a place on Earth!!!"

STOP PRESS : Speak for yourself Radders! Comfy is not a word Momma and Poppa would attribute to the sleeping arrangements but cuddling up to you was just wonderful" love Momma

Anyway, whatever, whilst I chilled out with my chew , I was very happy to sit back and watch people busily erecting their kennels with bits of rope, metal pegs and sheets of canvas.

Everyone that is except the Momma! With my Sherlock like observations I came to one emphatic conclusion : Momma is the chuck wagon indoors and Poppa is the chuck wagon outdoors!

Lets look at the evidence:

Poppa : The construction worker

Poppa: Chief Cook.............and

Bottle washer! (this shocked me truly!)
I must say Poppa seemed to be in his element tho and we all relished his culinary fayre.

In direct correlation to Poppa's industriousness, was the Mommas lack of any activity whatsoever, nada, nichts, rien! She also appeared to be in her element.

I was also in my element, snuggling with my pack, life just doesnt get better than this.

P.S Now I know you are wondering about the promised FOOTBALL arent you? Well, the truth of the matter is that Momma didnt buy me a football, she bought me a WUSS-BALL!!! So, feigning puppy like exuberance, I had to dispose of it before it even reached the campsite.

If ever a dog can look embarassed then this is it! Still nothing is ever perfect but this camping lark came very close to it.


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