Friday 10 June 2011

Another dream come true!

In the airport lounge.

1 orange juice
1 bacon roll
1 portion of orange and grapefruit segments
1 coffee

Feeling so virtuous!!

Have swerved the champagne bar so far, but for how long?

8.50am is a tad early but it's never stopped me before. 

Perhaps if himself does then herself will too, it's usually how it goes. If not, definitely on the plane.

I hear the weather is atrocious in the Bahamas. Que sera, sera.

We are going to swim with Dolphins.

Now I don't really like animals performing for humans, no I don't like it at all, in fact it saddens me as I love to see them wild and free. However, here I am making an exception. Why?

1. These dolphins do not perform tricks, they are not being trained in any way to do so and never will be.

2. They are all rescues from Hurricane Katrina, lost and separated from their families, they have been brought together to form a new pod of their own.

They are extremely happy I am told and forever grateful for the human compassion metred out to them in their time of need. They love to play in the water with us.

So on that basis, and that basis only. I am fulfilling a dream.

I will cry and be ridiculously emotional but thats the nature of Mrs T-J.

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