Friday, 17 June 2011

Jet Lag!

Blogging with jet lag is not pleasant. In fact doing anything at all with jet lag is proper horrid. Wide awake when I should be sleeping, dog tired when I have to get up.

Lurching from room to room lethargically in a kind of hungover state is pretty much how it is.

The Mother arrives tomorrow, what was I thinking?  Hoping she will be gentle with me and not wish to run around every garden centre and stop at every coffee shop within a 50 mile radius.

Little hope.

The reason for the lag?

A 4 day hop to the Bahamas, The One and Only Ocean Club.

The last James Bond film, with Daniel Craig was filmed there - cool.

Wayne Rooney and family recently stayed there - not cool.

But if there was one thing that makes the lag all worthwhile, then it's this.

An experience that ticked all the boxes and one I will never forget................again, again, again!!

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