Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Up in Uppingham!

How lovely and friendly are the shop and business owners in Uppingham?

Me and my friend Marva, pootled over for a mooch and a spot of lunch. Some guilty pleasure before presenting myself back at the coal face.

Even the ladies in Age Concern didnt bat an eyelid as I got up to mischief with the hats and scarves. I had a silly head on clearly.
For the 3 ladies whose weddings I have the pleasure of attending in the near future, dont worry I wont be doing this to you. Besides I can't see!

Next stop was a fabulous little shop called Wish. It was darling, filled with fabulous girlie frippery, candles, scents and bags galore as well as some beautiful jewellery and all manner of fun things.

Marva coveted the India Hicks range.
For me, it was seduction by handbag.

 In the end, I opted for an ice blue sparkly necklace, (has to be sparkly), beautifully wrapped with a free hug too! Perfect.

The lady who runs Wish was the epitome of 3 E's ebullient, enthusiastic and exuberant. I forgot to ask her name, next time I will.

Rumbling tummies and coal face approaching, the Olive Kitchen it was for savoury crepes.

Did I say the lady at Wish was ebullient, exuberant and enthusiastic?

Enter Tony Savage and times that by a thousand!

Not only have I not giggled and snorted like that for a long time but Tony managed to produce absolutely delicious Crepes whilst reeling off  witticisms at Formula One speed.

Mean hot choc too according to The Marv.

A fab few hours and both Marva and I agree. Uppingham's got talent!

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