Monday 18 April 2011

Today is about being not doing - Carpe Diem!

Monday is dolly domestic day. But I took a note out of the dog's books as they lay sunbathing outside the kitchen door. Who is the mug here I thought as I heaved the washing basket downstairs.
It is a beautiful spring day, the weekend was a homefest of us and furbabies, I longed to keep it going, that magic, that joy I feel on such days.
Heeding the call of the garden, I capitulated without much struggle. Out came the lemonade decadently served in a champagne flute. Even I cant justify alcohol on a Monday and definitely not flying solo. Never ever drink on your own!

The lemonade is delicious, it has ginger and pear juice in it too. Lilac and forget me nots harvested on this morning's dog walk and a gentle little book.

The washing can wait - besides it could be raining tomorrow and one just has to seize the day.

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