Monday 18 April 2011

Getting back to basics!

A lovely weekend getting back in touch with the simple things in life. Gareth and I took a tour of the Rutland countryside filling our basket with scrumptious goodies on offer locally. Homegrown asparagus from Manton.

Home farm reared spring lamb, colston bassett stilton, locally made ice-cream, Victorian lemonade and jersey royal potatoes all from the fabulous Northfield Farm.

Whilst we were there we were tempted to stop in the April sunshine and enjoy a chilled glass of wine and a chat with Clarissa Dickson-Wright who was taking tea there.
I have had an on/off love affair with Northfield Farm but it's definitely back on, or was it that the weather was so beautiful it was just so wonderful to be alive and nothing was going to spoil my mood and time with the Hubster!

Dinner was equally simple, basic yet absolutely gorgeous. A fresh rainbow trout from Rutland water, simply seasoned and barbecued. Chargrilled asparagus with salt and lemon, never add olive oil! Jersey Royal potatoes slavered in salty butter and a smidgen of homemade parsley sauce. All served on one big old junk shop platter. A dry glass of rose, jaunty conversation! Perfect, one to remember.

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