Friday, 15 April 2011

The things they dont tell you!

When your little furry bundle of cuteness arrives, you are too busy picking up poop and cooing over your new fur baby that you give little thought to what may lay ahead.

In common with babies of many animal species,including our own, puppies discover their new world mainly with their teeth. Oh how we chuckle at other peoples puppy tales of chewed up shoes and handbags, until it happens to us!
Oh yes its true as you can see we have been there. Not sure Hubster was chuckling, they were a pair of his favourite casuals. Always the favourite/most expensive, puppy's seem to know these things!

Once the teething is over, baby teeth are long gone and the new gnashers emerge, I naively thought the chewing days were over. How wrong could I have been. They had only just begun, as the new pearly whites had to be tested for their chewability. I think Radish, scores 10 out of 10!

The dog sofa, ok not so bad, it's only the dog sofa!

Our sofa, now that's not so good!
The umpteenth dog bed, do they make them puppy proof anyone??
Not even the garden furniture was left unscathed, Ok it was a freebie from the pub but thats not the point!

And for the final flourish our lovely maple wood dining room table!

Dear Darling Fur Baby Radish
When is your chewy phase going to stop?

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