Friday 1 April 2011

Great if it had been an April Fool!

.....but it wasnt. Notification of pending prosecution for speeding! 36 measley miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour limit. I think that grates on me most of all. Had it been 55mph or more, I would have thought, fair cop guv.
£60 of the shoe coffers gone, time to embrace something uplifting and let it go............

I dont have to go far. Spring has finally arrived chez Mrs T-J. The exquisite daffodills from Keukenhof are in full bloom as nearly are the stunning tulips from the same place.

The plum blossom is as beautiful as a lace bridal gown, leaving little white kisses on path and gravel.

You cant help but be uplifted, new life, vibrant colour, hope. The hungry baby birds are twittering for worms in their honeysuckle nests. It was alway my Father's favourite time of year and being a Spring baby myself, it is surely mine too.

Not too much waffle today, I thought I would let Mother Nature have the last word. Enjoy


  1. Commiserations on the speeding ticket and congratulations on the stunning garden. My four hundred bulbs I told you about yesterday have now been flattened by a stupid man with a large heavy yourself a landscape gardener...just one more brain cell and you to could be an amoeba...No thank you I do not require you to attend to my garden on a regular basis. xxxx

  2. Mother Hen, I dont believe it. I would have cried, all that effort and the promise of something beautiful, what a numpty... end of! xxx