Sunday, 27 October 2013

L is for Luxury

The motel at Halls Creek was welcome respite for two very grubby, travel weary warriors.

Whilst sitting in the bar nursing my numerous blisters and bites and feeling a tad sorry for myself, Hubster returned with a brochure from the motel reception.

"Wow look at that! It would be awesome to stay there!"

"Why don't we?" Hubster exclaimed.

Could we justify it? A 3 night stay here would double the cost of our whole holiday. This was beyond extravagant.

Another glass of wine and rumblings about you're only 50 once and Hubster whipped out the plastic.

This happens when he goes into "Eff-it Mode". I wasn't going to protest.

Berkeley River Lodge is located north in the beautiful Kimberleys. It is so remote that there is no road access at all. The only way to get there is by boat or seaplane.

A long drive to Kununurru (we had fun pronouncing it too!) and we parked up the beast and boarded the seaplane on the huge lake there.

It was a magnificent scenic flight and it took us just over an hour before we landed at the mouth of the Berkeley River.

We were whisked away in an open topped landcruiser across virgin white sand up to the lodge.

High upon the dunes, the view was incredible. It felt so serene and any tension instantly melted away soon to be replaced by waves of sleepy relaxation.


The infamous red sands of the North
Just leave me right here!
That first day we did very little but lounge around, relax and occasionally remember to pick our jaws up off the floor.
However, in the few days to follow, we certainly made the most of this unspoilt haven.

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