Sunday 21 April 2013

Back in the Saddle

You never know what you might see at the beach!

I woke at 2.30am convinced it had to be 6am at least.

2 cups of tea later and a couple of episodes of The Voice and I was back in bed.

"if you can't sleep, just rest....if you can't sleep just rest" over and over and over.

By 6.30am I was finally drifting off again, at 7am Radders arrested my slumber with a very enthusiastic, full face wash and hubster dutifully brought me my morning cuppa.

Albeit proper banjaxed, how could I fail to be happy?

It kind of went like this.

"It's going to be a lovely day wifey, beach with the boy then you and me, the bikes and see where the day takes us"

Indeed it was a lovely day. 22 degrees, blue sky, pleasant breeze and through the hazy kind of tiredness which is a bit like a hangover without the headache, I knew I was home again and ready to embrace my homecoming.

Back in the saddle. Me and him.

After a good blast into the head wind, we pitched up at Circa. One of my fave places in St Kilda.

Incredible food, quirky staff, cool surroundings, french hip hop playing in the background to amuse.


2 Warm Coffin Bay Oysters with soy, sherry & ginger and 2 Moonlight Kisses Oysters
Wagyu Beef Tacos with pickles 3 ways

Tuna with a medley of variegated beetroot and crispy rice
King Fish Sashimi with ginger, nashi pear, seaweed salad and tamarind sauce

Steamed Buns with Crispy Pork Belly, Mango and Asian Salad

It feels like we are on a date. So much to catch up on. Stories to swap and more plans in the making.

Salted Caramel Ice-cream, caramel sauce and toffee popcorn - Yeeeeuuuh!
Hubster is in heaven and I am wincing!
Through all that we have been through over the years, as we hold hands across the table, no-one has ever made me feel like this and no-one ever will.

One crashed on the sofa and the other playing ball with momma - love it. TV rumbling on, no-one watching it, washing machine and tumble dryer tackling the holiday backlog and normal service is resumed Chez T-J.

I really am a homebird.


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  1. It was so wonderful to see you, and glad to see you are all well and back with your 2 boys. Radish looks adorable as always.

    Much love