Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Borneo - Bunga Raya

This two week trip packs in quite an itinerary.

The first few days however are all about no news, no shoes and kicking back with a great read.

I have a brilliant read. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's a stunner and one my momma in law HAS to read. No correction everyone has to read it. Get it.

After 2 flights and a speed boat transfer we reach the island paradise of Bunga Raya. Nestled in the secluded bay of Gayan Island it is exactly the tropical idyll we hoped for.

Bunga Raya means Hibiscus flower and they are in blooming proliferation here, red, white, yellow, pink, apricot...................

We are quickly shown to our beach bungalow with it's lovely sheltered sun deck and plunge pool which looks out onto talcum powder sand and a crystal clear blue expanse of the South China Sea.

Impatient to plunge, we jump in just wearing our undies. Our bags are en route from the boat and we don't wait a second longer.

There is a flowing brook just below us, so pretty but we both know that come dusk, it will be a seething pool of mossies!

A crane stalks with purpose and the frog has a just in time escape, tench dart frantically, a monitor lizard rustles steadily through the leaves for juicy grubs and a vibrant, crimson butterfly settles on a nearby twig. Just lovely.

The humidity here is intense. Beads of perspiration pour from your head and nestle in pools at your elbow creases, back of the knees and down your back. My face has a persistent pink glisten and we won't even mention what happens to my hair! Just embrace the frizz.

The sea is a staggering 30 degrees Celsius. Just a huge warm, salty bath conducive to nothing more strenuous than languishing lazily in a laissez-faire fashion.

Right now the summit of the mountain seems worlds away but even whilst we enjoy these first 3 days of R&R, the extent of our forthcoming exertion is never far from our minds.

But right now......................drifting dreamily.


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