Saturday, 4 June 2011

Linky Lonky Day

Our word for a "make it up as it goes along" type of day. Linky Lonky can also apply to meals, walks, days out whatever you like. A kind of go with the flow, no plans, fay ce que voudras, do as you please type day.

Allium has no relevance to the script, its just I love it

By 10am we had committed to spending a lot of money. No not on the Epsom Derby, on a new ensuite and utility. Gulp! Darn it, the automated gates are on hold once more.

Melton Mowbray the home of all thing Pork Pie twice in as many days. I have to say last night's dinner at Thai Subai is one of those you remember, only because it was exceptional and we thought it would be ok, good at most, I think exceeded expectations is the phrase.

The bathroom/utility room lady also said that the Italian La Torre is equally as good in it's field. On the list.

1. We cleaned the filters on the pond

2. Hubster treated himself to some lovely things from Cavells Outdoors and I bought some tin foil, we also bought 2 fabulous fillet steaks for dins

4. We made ploughmans for lunch after purchasing a huge jar of pickled onions, cheese for him, ham for me.
I had a uni friend who used to eat pickled onion vinegar sandwiches!

5. We snoozed, the boys snoozed with us.

6. We walked, Radish lolloped and Sparky plodded.

7. We watched the Epsom Derby

8. I WON!!! Duchess of Cambridge looked incredible!!

9. Hubster went to the pub to banter in all things sports with the boys

10. I browsed old Safari photos and began to pine for my Cheetahs and Nellas and made a salad

11. I ordered these for those Bahamas dresses that dont require a bra! Sadly I have reached the age when they need a little help!

12. And as I clicked on payment confirmed,  I pined for the days when I looked like this, aged 29 just like the Duchess,  and didnt need such things!

13. Will the Duchess of Cambridge ever need "tit tape" that is the question, anyway.............

14. Dinner, mmmmmm thank you Hubster you ARE the steak master, seared but rare just how I like it

15. And the linky lonky night is young, there will be some Tracy Chapman for sure

16. Forever love these days, you were always the one, you are the one, you always will be.

You've got a fast car
I wanna a ticket to anywhere

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