Wednesday 25 May 2011

Susie did not like me!

Susie Baker did not like me.

Miss Prim n Proper, Miss Twee, Miss Butter wouldnt melt. Yep that's Mrs T-J she decided and her distain and indifference were palpable.

Fast forward 10 years and " Sweetie, You will remind of that forever wont you?" she laughed today as we chinked glasses.

We were chinking glasses on a Wednesday lunchtime in May to celebrate my dear bud's 50th.

We asked for Spritzers, they came with lemonade!!!! No! No! Soda and only ever soda. Why do so many places insist on turning a perfectly palatable glass of "dry" white wine into an alcopop?

We became friends under odd cirumstances following a conversation on a barmy Summer's day.

She was doing the leaving and I was the one that had been left. I will not elaborate more than that, as it is water that has long passed beneath the bridge. We found an effinity for eachother's predicament.

10 years ago - Spain!  I wouldnt wear a backless top, held together by two bits of string now, those days are gone. ho hum, so are the youthful looks and the fluffy blonde locks, oh Father Time! (we never paid for that meal, we did a runner, our taxi was waiting and they never brought the bill in time after several requests!)

We were inseparable, to the point that we moved in together and the rumours were rife. "They are surely the only gays in the village!"

Truth was we were were the two pillars of the temple, holding the fragments of our fractured lives together, determined to keep the scaffolding in place ready for a re-build one day.

Re-build we did and added a few storey's to our temples I think.

10 years later and Susie Baker is now an extremely happy Mrs Ellis and I am Mrs Tamblyn-Jones once more! Babe, we did well.
Miss Prim n Proper? I think Susie will agree that we saw the bottom of too many wine bottles together for that to be the case.

I'm Sweetie and she is Babe and this is our song!

Deep in the dark
You'll surrender your heart
But you know
But you know that you can't fight the moonlight
No, you can't fight it
It's gonna get to your heart

Mrs Ellis you will always be my friend, you know too much!!

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  1. They remembered your table then.......and the verdict? Xx