Wednesday 20 April 2011

Let it Bee, Let it Bee, Let it Bee

First of all a Bee is not a Wasp. Obvious you would have thought. My first meeting with the Leicestershire and Rutland Beekeepers Association highlighted just how many people dont know the difference.

So just in case!

This is a Bee

This is a Wasp

I wont insult anyone's intelligence by pointing out the differences as they are pretty clear dont you think? Please dont kill a honey bee. They are little miracle workers, their only interest is pollen and lots of it.

If a bee stings you, it is because it was frightened and it will pay with its life, it will die, you wont.

I am not on the other hand condoning the killing of wasps or any creature for that matter, just that wasps will sting you just because they want your glass of pimms or your strawberries. Pretty good excuse I suppose.

Awww Strawberries and Pimms, let me ponder that for a moment, oooh ahhhh...................................... sorry back to the subject matter.

Now here's a thought? How many animals can you think of that produce delicious food without any intervention from humans at all? Even cows need our helping hand.

Chickens, geese and ducks? Eggs? Yup! Any others?

Liquid gold and all from a teeny little bee. Not forgetting beeswax of course!

I am excited about the journey ahead, dont worry bee happy!

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