Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Day and Royal Ascot

Well not quite Ascot.

Hanging Rock country races in the Macedonian ranges to be precise.

Ascot it is not. Fun and as Aussie as it gets? Yes!

We love it, it is a T-J family tradition to go racing at Christmas time. We didn't want to let the Welsh contingency down.

Before departing we glued ourselves to Sky News UK to watch the New Year in back home. The fireworks in London were incredible and the poor TV presenters trying to fill time interviewing tipsy punters beforehand was most amusing.

An hours drive north and we were out in the sticks at Hanging Rock.

No spit and polish here, this is really rustic and proper country. Hoards turn up in droves with their umbrellas, rugs and "eskys" full to the brim (Eskys = Cool Boxes/picnic hampers).

There is a bar and a few food stations and some very interesting attire.

The minute we leave the City, Hubster and I are on kangaroo watch. Its an unspoken occupation until one of us screams out "Roos!" in utter delight.

We never tire of the roos.

Well our search was fruitless....................until the last race! The race was held up, why? Big 4WDS were chasing across the course and onto yonder fields and then.............the biggest mob of roos galloped across the fields in the distance.

How big would you think a mob could be?

How about 300 plus strong. It made our day. It was a beautiful sight with the big, protective 7ft greys at the rear.

I didn't get any pics just too far for my little camera to focus but joyful non the less.

It was a great day. How my Father in Law would have loved it.

Just in case we forget we are in Oz!


Yes Dad of course he had some winners! xxxx

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