Sunday, 5 May 2013

The seasons are a changing

Winter is now less than a month away.

The days and nights are decidedly cooler and whereas those crisp and cool bright blue sky days are plentiful, we are getting a good smattering of grey ones too.

A friend recently remarked  "I am actually really looking forward to "rugging" up and getting out my boots and woollies again".

I kind of know what she means, those hunkering down and snuggling up days will soon be with us and I am ready to embrace that too.

Last year we didn't realise that Winter could be pretty cold. I mean you can go skiing in the mountains here in Victoria.

This year we will be ready. The logs will be ordered, the new hearth set will be purchased and that just leaves one thing, to cosy up the house.

Hubster is away in the UK and the USA right now so I had the perfect opportunity to move the furniture around  Besides it filled up a few hours on a Sunday when we would normally be together. It helped divert the "missing him" pangs in my tummy. For a while.

All sofas are now in the living room and the dining room table has been moved into the kitchen area. Probably as it was always meant to be configured.


"Was all that really necessary Momma, day of rest and all that?"

"Oh yes Radders, absolutely"

With a look that screamed "Bonkers Momma", Radders promptly flopped on his side and resumed slumber.


  1. I love a good swizzle around, much to Paul's chagrin, rooms look lovely and that canine adornment is just gorgeous, do I see a black boot again. Xxx

    1. No fear the boot is on to prevent the boy scratching at his stitches, so glad I kept it! Indeed a change is as good as a rest xxx