Saturday, 7 April 2012

Some things I have learnt Part One

Some things I have learnt.

Opportunity Shops are Charity Shops.

Antique shops are known as collectibles.

Take away is also known as pick ups.

Breakfast menu is available everywhere all day at the weekend.

No matter the salad or sandwich filling, it will have avocado.

Milk Bars don't serve milk nor are they a bar. They are delis or general stores.

A BLAT is a BLT except it will also have lashings of hollandaise, often cheese and of course avocado!

Mangoes and avocados are food of the gods, impossible to buy a bad one here.

Fresh fish shops are also fish n chip/fish restaurants. Buy your fish and then they will cook it for you there and then. Fab idea.

The Pom/Aussie sporting rivalry is ten times fiercer here, pom bashing is the norm, get used to it.

Pubs are also turf accountants and gaming arcades.

The man still wears the trousers, chauvinism is alive and well. One guy talking to Gareth referred to me as "his woman" n front of me. Well cant argue with that really.

They tell it as it is!

A pot is half and a schooner is a pint.

Everyone generally is super friendly, the service in stores and restaurants is excellent and when buying new goods you always barter on the price.

oh and Marmite is Our Mate!

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