Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Love you but dont like you!

It is absolutely possible to experience joy and heartache simultaneously.

In a years time when I look back at this entry, I will know 100% that this hellish process, for him and for us, will have been totally worth it.

As I see him romp on the beach, splash through the water and charge at me with tail wagging wildly, I will remind him and me "told you so!"

 Spotswood Quarantine, Melbourne is spotless however and kept beautifully.

Pen no. 34 - Our Radder

He saw us and didn't react straight away, he must have been so shocked.

"What the hell are you doing here? Where the bloody hell have you been?"

Then the leaping, waggy tailed welcome that we all know and love kicked in big time. I was all over the place, didn't know if I wanted to jump for joy or cry my heart out and apologise profusely.

We were allowed to take him to the grassy "yard" for playtime for an hour.

Physically he is in really good nick but he was clearly bemused by our presence. He played a little but not like the Radder we know, he kept moving away from us to be on his own.

If he could talk he would have said "I love you momma and poppa but I don't like you right now"

I am going again tomorrow, this time I can have 2 hours, 2 very precious hours, I will be there to the very last second.

...............as I said in a years time, this entry will hopefully be a distant memory because we will be having too much fun, trust us Radder.


  1. Wont be long and he will be out of there!!

    We took Oscar home last week from AQIS (PEN 21) and so happy to have him at home now. AQIS would not issue the permit at first due to his age and that he has 'health issues' .... we were devastated. So wrote them a long email saying it was worth the effort of getting him 'home' etc ... they phoned as soon as he arrived and were surprised at how well he coped with the flight.

    But the staff were wonderful, to Oscar as well as us. Can't speak highly enough of them.

    We lived in Singapore for the past 5+ years and repatriated to Australia last month ..... and believe me, repatriating is a lot harder!

    When we left Melbourne in Feb 2007 it was a breeze ... not so on the return. But getting there slowly!!

    The frustrations, the ups and downs, the brick walls all have to be overcome for us too. :)

    Enjoy your time in Melbourne ... 'tis a fine city once you get to know it.


  2. PS:

    should have sent the link to the blog post we did when Oscar was in quarantine:


    1. Leone, thank you so much for posting. Very reassuring to know Oscar is fit and well, what a lovely, gorgeous dog, they are always worth the effort arent they?

      I am quite sure repatriating has been tough, so much changes so quickly, I hope you are settling in ok, we are bumbling our way through but like what we see so far. Thanks for checking in, much appreciated. Debbie aka Mrs T-J